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Sparks, Nevada (NV) Home Loans and Mortgage Refinancing

Below you will find a list of home loan resources for Sparks, NV. This list will help find mortage professionals in Sparks, NV to assist you with your loan needs including mortgages, mortgage loans, land loans, home mortgage loans, home equity loans, purchase loans, home improvement loans, poor credit loans, va home loans and bi weekly mortgage programs and mortgage tips.  

Sparks, NV Featured Mortgage Lenders

Below is a list of Mortgage Professionals including Loan Officers, Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Lenders to help you in your search for Home Loans in the Sparks, NV area.

Advance America Cash Advance
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 331-7201   (F)N/A   
2855 N Mccarran Blvd, Ste 104 - Sparks, Nevada 
All American Jewelry & Loan
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 358-7296   (F)N/A   
1376 Sullivan Ln - Sparks, Nevada 
Bank of America Mortgage - (4875 Kietzke Ln, #D)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 827-5545   (F)N/A   
4875 Kietzke Ln, #D - Sparks, Nevada 
Cash Money 4 Notes
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 771-4528   (F)N/A   
 - Sparks, Nevada 
El Dorado Savings Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 626-9600   (F)N/A   
5235 Vista Blvd - Sparks, Nevada 
First Horizon Home Loans
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 356-1838   (F)N/A   
3080 Vista Blvd - Sparks, Nevada 
Flagstar Bank Home Loan Center
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 324-7122   (F)N/A   
241 Ridge St, Ste 210 - Sparks, Nevada 
Flagstar Bank Home Loan Center
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 747-8199   (F)N/A   
645 Sierra Rose Dr, #104 - Sparks, Nevada 
I Reverse Home Loans
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 384-1699   (F)N/A   
575 E 2nd St - Sparks, Nevada 
Metlife Home Loans
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 823-3636   (F)N/A   
6151 Lakeside Dr - Sparks, Nevada 
Monarch Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 331-4400   (F)N/A   
1301 N Mccarran Blvd, #102 - Sparks, Nevada 
Pinnacle Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 284-4371   (F)N/A   
1324 Disc Dr - Sparks, Nevada 
Priority Home Loans, Incorporated
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 742-0825   (F)N/A   
560 E Plumb Ln - Sparks, Nevada 
Rapid Cash
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 358-7428   (F)N/A   
690 E Prater Way - Sparks, Nevada 
Re CO Mortgage Company
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 329-5036   (F)N/A   
621 Pyramid Way - Sparks, Nevada 
United Finance
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 284-4993   (F)N/A   
1200 Rock Blvd, Ste 4 - Sparks, Nevada 
US Auto Title Loan
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 358-6328   (F)N/A   
2345 Glendale Ave - Sparks, Nevada 
Victory Home Loans
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 284-8811   (F)N/A   
255 W Moana Ln, #100 - Sparks, Nevada 
Wells Fargo Financial - (410 N Mccarran Blvd)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 358-4115   (F)N/A   
410 N Mccarran Blvd - Sparks, Nevada 


Verdi Home Loans - Distance 12.636 Miles
Raintree Financial
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 787-1095   (F)N/A   
1980 Bechtol Ridge Cir - Verdi, Nevada 
Silver State Schools CU University of Nevada/Reno Branch
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 829-4900   (F)N/A   
 - Verdi, Nevada 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (5125 Mae Anne Ave)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 787-9611   (F)N/A   
5125 Mae Anne Ave - Verdi, Nevada 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (6152 Mae Anne Ave)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 326-9500   (F)N/A   
6152 Mae Anne Ave - Verdi, Nevada 
Silvercrest Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 747-7555   (F)N/A   
720 Robb Dr - Verdi, Nevada 
Academy Mortgage Corporation
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 826-5550   (F)N/A   
4773 Caughlin Pky, #1 - Verdi, Nevada 
Virginia City Home Loans - Distance 16.5087 Miles
PNC Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 852-9878   (F)N/A   
5525 Kietzke Ln, Ste 200 - Virginia City, Nevada 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (5340 Kietzke Ln, Ste 101)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(866) 361-2907   (F)N/A   
5340 Kietzke Ln, Ste 101 - Virginia City, Nevada 
Check City
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 996-1990   (F)N/A   
5220 Longley Ln, Ste 400 - Virginia City, Nevada 
Home Equity Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 828-9192   (F)N/A   
219 Redfield Pky, #203 - Virginia City, Nevada 
Gmac Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 853-4622   (F)N/A   
10663 Professional Cir - Virginia City, Nevada 
Advance America Cash Advance
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 828-0310   (F)N/A   
5005 S Mccarran Blvd - Virginia City, Nevada 
Silver City Home Loans - Distance 19.6861 Miles
Reverse Mortgages of Nevada
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 841-4400   (F)N/A   
1800 Us-50 E - Silver City, Nevada 
American Mortgage Brokers
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 883-3970   (F)N/A   
3860 Gs Richards Blvd - Silver City, Nevada 
Best Pawn
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 885-9999   (F)N/A   
 - Silver City, Nevada 
Colonial Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 687-2700   (F)N/A   
901 N Stewart St - Silver City, Nevada 
Sierra Financial Advisors LLC
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 885-8847   (F)N/A   
3860 Gs Richards Blvd - Silver City, Nevada 
American General Financial Service
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 267-3631   (F)N/A   
935 Topsy Ln, #436 - Silver City, Nevada 
Reno Nexrad Home Loans - Distance 21.2286 Miles
Eagle Home Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(775) 337-7600   (F)N/A   
10635 Double R Blvd, #100 - Reno Nexrad, Nevada 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (5340 Kietzke Ln, Ste 101)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(866) 361-2907   (F)N/A   
5340 Kietzke Ln, Ste 101 - Reno Nexrad, Nevada 
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Important Links for Sparks, Nevada
 National Association of Mortgage Brokers
 Mortgage Bankers Association
Important Census Information for the Sparks, Nevada Area
County: Washoe   Elevation: 4410 ft   Timezone: PST
Latittude: 39.535   Longitude: -119.7516
How many people live in Sparks (Population)? 66,346
How many homes are in Sparks (Housing Units)? 26,025
What is the Population Per Square Mile? 2,774
How many Housing Units Per Square Mile? 1,088
How big is Sparks, NV(Total Area)? 24 Sq M
How much water is in Sparks (Water Area)? 0 Sq M
How much land is in Sparks (Land Area)? 24 Sq M
  **Informational Purposes Only - If you find incorrect information please contact us.

Mortgage Tip #3: Consider a 15 Year Mortgage Over a 30 Year Mortgage

A 15 year mortgage will likely raise your monthly but can save you thousands in interest expense.


30 year mortgage on $150,000 at 6.5% - Over 30 years you will pay a total of $191,317 in interest.

15 year mortgage on $150,000 at 6.5% - Over 15 years you will pay a total of $85,199 in interest.

As you can see from this example the 15 year mortgage will save you $106,118.

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In addtion to your mortgage needs, if you need home insurance or auto insurance, we suggest InsLocal.com to locaate local insurance professionals. Visit here to find local agents that can provide you with Sparks Auto Insurance or Home Insurance quotes.

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