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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC) Home Loans and Mortgage Refinancing

Below you will find a list of home loan resources for Myrtle Beach, SC. This list will help find mortage professionals in Myrtle Beach, SC to assist you with your loan needs including mortgages, mortgage loans, land loans, home mortgage loans, home equity loans, purchase loans, home improvement loans, poor credit loans, va home loans and bi weekly mortgage programs and mortgage tips.  

Myrtle Beach, SC Featured Mortgage Lenders

Below is a list of Mortgage Professionals including Loan Officers, Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Lenders to help you in your search for Home Loans in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Atlantic Express Mortgage
Our mission is to enhance the life and financial success of our clients, by implementing a tailored mortgage for our clients needs. Services we offer are: First & second mortgages, Refinances (rate/term, cash out), Competitive rates, All credit types, Self-employed / Wait staff no problem, Hard to document income types, Single & multi family homes, Modular & manufactured with land, Condos, Commercial real estate.
David Berry -   (P)(843) 236-9300   (F)(843) 236-8899   
195 A Prather Park Dr. - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29588
Coastal Funding Corporation
Locally owned and operated full service Mortgage Company.
Jay Spurlin -   (P)843-215-6200   (F)843-765-1003   
9261 Hwy 707 Suite F - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29588
ABC Home Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 692-3030   (F)N/A   
1293 Professional Dr - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
ABC Mortgage Company
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 839-2430   (F)N/A   
1240 21st Ave N, #102 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 692-7733   (F)N/A   
1293 Professional Dr, #D - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 443-9229   (F)N/A   
1113 44th Ave N, #303 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Atlantic Home Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 497-5243   (F)N/A   
307 63rd Ave N - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Bank of America - (2501 N Oak St)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 946-2100   (F)N/A   
2501 N Oak St - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
BNC Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 626-2265   (F)N/A   
3751 Robert M Grissom Pky, #100 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Carolina First Myrtle Beach
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 946-3126   (F)N/A   
1320 38th Ave N - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Carolina Trust Federal CU
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 448-2133   (F)N/A   
1010 21st Ave N - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 903-4050   (F)N/A   
4040 River Oaks Dr - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 444-4396   (F)N/A   
2002 N Oak St - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
First Home Mortgage Corporation
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 448-4900   (F)N/A   
1341 44th Ave N, #102 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Messimer Jonathan
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 839-5136   (F)N/A   
1549 Brookgreen Dr - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Mortgage Lending
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 839-5024   (F)N/A   
1601 N Oak St - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Palmetto First
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 294-1600   (F)N/A   
4757 Highway 17 Byp S - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
South Carolina Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 839-5009   (F)N/A   
1550 N Oak St - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Suntrust Mortgage - (1117 48th Ave N, #124)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 449-0015   (F)N/A   
1117 48th Ave N, #124 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Universal American Mortgage Company
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 839-3963   (F)N/A   
1152 Yorkshire Pkwy - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (2294 Glenns Bay Rd)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 650-1327   (F)N/A   
2294 Glenns Bay Rd - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (1259 38th Ave N, #225)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 443-3180   (F)N/A   
1259 38th Ave N, #225 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 


Murrells Inlet Home Loans - Distance 13.0487 Miles
Plantation Federal Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 651-3404   (F)N/A   
11975 Highway 17 Byp - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 
Wachovia - (1951 Glenns Bay Rd)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 650-3120   (F)N/A   
1951 Glenns Bay Rd - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 
1st Home Equity Loans
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 492-7286   (F)N/A   
4733 Highway 17 Byp S - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 
Mortgage Lending Solutions
S.C. Licensed broker serving Myrtle Beach, Murrrells Inlet, Surfside, Pawleys Island & surrounding areas. Managed and operated by seasoned banker of 20 years. Service & customer satisfaction are our top priority. The right progam for the customers needs. Excellent credit to damaged credit - we have a program! Conventional, Stated, No Doc, interest only, 100% financing, etc. We will prequalify and help you get ready to buy......
Sandi Ammons -   (P)843-651-7020   (F)843-651-7060   
920 Mt.Gilead Rd Bld C-6 - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 29576
Turner, Neal President - Coastal Palm Mortgage LLC
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 651-5400   (F)N/A   
2604 S Highway 17 - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 
Dhi Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 357-3953   (F)N/A   
11822 Us-17-Byp - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 
Conway Home Loans - Distance 13.7386 Miles
CNB Corporation
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 248-5721   (F)N/A   
1400 3rd Ave - Conway, South Carolina 
First Citizens
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 349-4500   (F)N/A   
1385 E Highway 501 - Conway, South Carolina 
Anderson Brothers Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 354-2250   (F)N/A   
500 Main St - Conway, South Carolina 
Citi Financial - (2676 Church St, #C)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 365-6900   (F)N/A   
2676 Church St, #C - Conway, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Financial - (2262 E Highway 501)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 347-2006   (F)N/A   
2262 E Highway 501 - Conway, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 248-5795   (F)N/A   
1200 3rd Ave - Conway, South Carolina 
North Myrtle Beach Home Loans - Distance 14.7614 Miles
Sandhills Holding CO Incorporated
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 280-9922   (F)N/A   
1020 Highway 17 N - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Ace Mortgage Incorporated
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 272-3388   (F)N/A   
3308 Poinsett St - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Chris Carpenter - C & C Homes
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 249-5509   (F)N/A   
2409 Williams St - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Synovus Mortgage Corporation
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 280-2102   (F)N/A   
780 Main St, #17 - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Coastal Tides Mortgage LLC
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 390-5444   (F)N/A   
4720 Barefoot Resort Bridge Rd - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank SC
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 361-2810   (F)N/A   
601 Highway 17 S - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Little River Home Loans - Distance 20.171 Miles
Ch Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 399-0106   (F)N/A   
430 Carriage Lake Dr, #85 - Little River, South Carolina 
Beach First Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 417-1020   (F)N/A   
1384 Highway 17 - Little River, South Carolina 
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Important Links for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
 National Association of Mortgage Brokers
 Mortgage Bankers Association
Important Census Information for the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Area
County: Horry   Elevation: 30 ft   Timezone: EST
Latittude: 33.68889   Longitude: -78.88694
How many people live in Myrtle Beach (Population)? 22,759
How many homes are in Myrtle Beach (Housing Units)? 14,658
What is the Population Per Square Mile? 1,356
How many Housing Units Per Square Mile? 874
How big is Myrtle Beach, SC(Total Area)? 17 Sq M
How much water is in Myrtle Beach (Water Area)? 0 Sq M
How much land is in Myrtle Beach (Land Area)? 17 Sq M
  **Informational Purposes Only - If you find incorrect information please contact us.

Mortgage Tip #1: Make Two Payments Per Month - Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

Changing your mortgage payment from once a month to once every two weeks will help reduce your mortgage payoff time dramatically. If your mortgage payment is normally $1000/month, change your payment schedule to $500 every other week. By doing this you actually pay 13 monthly payments each year and possibly cut 7 - 8 years off of your 30 year mortgage.

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In addtion to your mortgage needs, if you need home insurance or auto insurance, we suggest InsLocal.com to locaate local insurance professionals. Visit here to find local agents that can provide you with Myrtle Beach Auto Insurance or Home Insurance quotes.

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