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Charleston, South Carolina (SC) Home Loans and Mortgage Refinancing

Below you will find a list of home loan resources for Charleston, SC. This list will help find mortage professionals in Charleston, SC to assist you with your loan needs including mortgages, mortgage loans, land loans, home mortgage loans, home equity loans, purchase loans, home improvement loans, poor credit loans, va home loans and bi weekly mortgage programs and mortgage tips.  

Charleston, SC Featured Mortgage Lenders

Below is a list of Mortgage Professionals including Loan Officers, Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Lenders to help you in your search for Home Loans in the Charleston, SC area.

1st Atlantic Mortgage Corp
Low interest rates,up to 100% programs,slow credit -first time homebuyers-bill consolidation-investment-commercial.
Eugene Burnett -   (P)843-767-4070   (F)843-767-1166   
3125 ashley phosphate rd #106 - Charleston, South Carolina 29418
Capstone Mortgage Corp
Specializing in Jumbo Mortgage purchase, refinance and home equity loans. Fantastic range of programs and products. Call the mortgage Doctors for a free consultation.
Jon Cannon -   (P)8435773888   (F)6175070526   
55 Broad Street - Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Carolina Mortgage Services, Inc.
Carolina Mortgage Services, Inc. provides VA, FHA and Conventional residential first mortgages in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. Utilizing automated underwriting and common sense manual underwriting, its goal is to assist the client in achieving homeownership. Additionally, the company offers mortgages for second homes and investers as well as small commercial loans ($800,000 or less). Fixed rates, interest only, Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS) and combos are available.
Rhonda Marcum -   (P)843 760 2157   (F)843 760 1829   
7944 Dorchester Rd., Ste 1 - Charleston, South Carolina 29418
Home Builders Mortgage
We strive to give you the lowest rates, the most options, and the best all around experience we can. Our company has programs to suit all types of borrowers, from the high credit score mortgage holder to the low score first time borrower. We have purchase and refinance options for manufactured housing both on and off permanent foundations, even singlewides!
Scott Robertson -   (P)843-225-8101   (F)843-225-8108   
2111 Commander Dr - Charleston, South Carolina 29405
Sweetgrass Mortgage Consultants
Tom Harris, CMC, is the only Certified Mortgage Consultant in South Carolina. Specialties include jumbo purchases and No Doc or No Income Verification loans. Investment properties with no seasoning up to 95% cash-out. Numerous 100% purchase products. Conventional and Subprime available.
Tom Harris, Cmc -   (P)843-478-0832   (F)843-225-8108   
2044 Wild Flower Lane - Charleston, South Carolina 29414
Zydeco Capital, LLC
I work with over 100 lenders, so working with non-traditonal borrowers is no problem. Pay Option ARM - 1.25% interest rate, with 3 payment options every month! Low-interest convetional fixed rates and ARMs. 100% Investment properties. 100% Interest Only. I have a program for you. Mention this advertisement and I will give you one point origination. Notary Public available.
Tiffany Peterson -   (P)843.556.9411   (F)843.556.9255   
1483 Tobias Gadson Blvd. Suite 208-A - Charleston, South Carolina 29407
Bank of America Mortgage - (200 Meeting St, #100)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 579-5473   (F)N/A   
200 Meeting St, #100 - Charleston, South Carolina 
Community First Bnk-Charleston
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 723-7700   (F)N/A   
288 Meeting St, #100 - Charleston, South Carolina 
Community Firstbank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 723-7700   (F)N/A   
884 Orleans Rd, #100 - Charleston, South Carolina 
Community Home Mortgage Corporation
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 763-5666   (F)N/A   
680 Saint Andrews Blvd, #B - Charleston, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 722-5801   (F)N/A   
182 Meeting St - Charleston, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 762-1891   (F)N/A   
462 Folly Rd - Charleston, South Carolina 
First Federal
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 529-5555   (F)N/A   
1535 Savannah Hwy - Charleston, South Carolina 
Regions Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 937-4144   (F)N/A   
170 Meeting St, #1 - Charleston, South Carolina 
Suntrust Bank - (276 E Bay St, #1)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 937-8917   (F)N/A   
276 E Bay St, #1 - Charleston, South Carolina 
Suntrust Bank - (145 King St)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 579-4866   (F)N/A   
145 King St - Charleston, South Carolina 
The Bank of South Carolina
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 724-1500   (F)N/A   
256 Meeting St - Charleston, South Carolina 
Wachovia Bank - (16 Broad St)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 937-4550   (F)N/A   
16 Broad St - Charleston, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (828 Orleans Rd)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 577-1695   (F)N/A   
828 Orleans Rd - Charleston, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (1 Poston Rd, Ste 135)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 571-1636   (F)N/A   
1 Poston Rd, Ste 135 - Charleston, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (3 S Park Cir)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 571-1636   (F)N/A   
3 S Park Cir - Charleston, South Carolina 


Goose Creek Home Loans - Distance 15.3089 Miles
Interlock Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 302-8200   (F)N/A   
111 Spring Hall Dr - Goose Creek, South Carolina 
First National Bank of SC - (106 Thomason Blvd)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 553-0344   (F)N/A   
106 Thomason Blvd - Goose Creek, South Carolina 
Walter Mortgage Company
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 553-9212   (F)N/A   
100 Central Ave, #104 - Goose Creek, South Carolina 
First Metropolitan Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 569-2812   (F)N/A   
106 Liberty Hall Rd - Goose Creek, South Carolina 
Hollywood Home Loans - Distance 18.2965 Miles
Access Mortgage Group
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 270-0282   (F)N/A   
201 Burnham Ct - Hollywood, South Carolina 
Universal American Mortgage Company
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 852-0656   (F)N/A   
1941 Savage Rd, #100c - Hollywood, South Carolina 
Community Firstbank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 723-7700   (F)N/A   
8485 Dorchester Rd - Hollywood, South Carolina 
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 556-0497   (F)N/A   
1876 Raoul Wallenberg Blvd - Hollywood, South Carolina 
Horizon Mortgage Southeast LLC
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 769-7772   (F)N/A   
2176 Savannah Hwy - Hollywood, South Carolina 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (3 S Park Cir)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 571-1636   (F)N/A   
3 S Park Cir - Hollywood, South Carolina 
Summerville Home Loans - Distance 21.933 Miles
Community Firstbank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 723-7700   (F)N/A   
8485 Dorchester Rd - Summerville, South Carolina 
Evergreen Mortgage LLC
Mortgage Broker
Darryl Gregory -   (P)8438710932   (F)8438739653   
109 Sweetgum Dr - Summerville, South Carolina 29485
Gamache Donnie
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 821-8280   (F)N/A   
100 S Main St - Summerville, South Carolina 
Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 832-2600   (F)N/A   
210 Marymeade Dr - Summerville, South Carolina 
Community First Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 723-7700   (F)N/A   
200 N Cedar St - Summerville, South Carolina 
First Citizens Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 871-9200   (F)N/A   
218 S Main St - Summerville, South Carolina 
North Charleston Home Loans - Distance 5.965 Miles
First Citizens Bank & Trust
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 744-8221   (F)N/A   
1070 E Montague Ave - North Charleston, South Carolina 
Vandyk Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 871-3490   (F)N/A   
7091 Rivers Ave - North Charleston, South Carolina 
Good Faith Mortgage
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 207-8100   (F)N/A   
3255 Landmark Dr, #103 - North Charleston, South Carolina 
Citi Financial - (7550 Dorchester Rd, #C)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(843) 767-3896   (F)N/A   
7550 Dorchester Rd, #C - North Charleston, South Carolina 
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Important Links for Charleston, South Carolina
 National Association of Mortgage Brokers
 Mortgage Bankers Association
Important Census Information for the Charleston, South Carolina Area
County: Charleston   Elevation: 118 ft   Timezone: EST
Latittude: 32.77639   Longitude: -79.93111
How many people live in Charleston (Population)? 96,650
How many homes are in Charleston (Housing Units)? 44,563
What is the Population Per Square Mile? 997
How many Housing Units Per Square Mile? 460
How big is Charleston, SC(Total Area)? 114 Sq M
How much water is in Charleston (Water Area)? 17 Sq M
How much land is in Charleston (Land Area)? 97 Sq M
  **Informational Purposes Only - If you find incorrect information please contact us.

Mortgage Tip #5: Shop Your Loan Before the Home

If you're ready to buy a home, try and shop for a loan first. If you make an offer on a house before looking for financing you may have to hurry through the process of finding the best loan. However if you visit a few mortgage lenders before you find your home you will know how much buying power you have and you won't have to rush. Once you find your home, re-visit your brokers and find the best deal you can.

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In addtion to your mortgage needs, if you need home insurance or auto insurance, we suggest InsLocal.com to locaate local insurance professionals. Visit here to find local agents that can provide you with Charleston Auto Insurance or Home Insurance quotes.

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