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East Peoria, Illinois (IL) Home Loans and Mortgage Refinancing

Below you will find a list of home loan resources for East Peoria, IL. This list will help find mortage professionals in East Peoria, IL to assist you with your loan needs including mortgages, mortgage loans, land loans, home mortgage loans, home equity loans, purchase loans, home improvement loans, poor credit loans, va home loans and bi weekly mortgage programs and mortgage tips.  

East Peoria, IL Featured Mortgage Lenders

Below is a list of Mortgage Professionals including Loan Officers, Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Lenders to help you in your search for Home Loans in the East Peoria, IL area.

Fidelity Mortgage
Fidelity Mortgage is committed to helping you find the right mortgage product for your needs. We understand that every borrower is different, and we offer a variety of products to meet your individual requirements. We make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you free, fast and easy pre-approval and application process.
Nick Matranga -   (P)309-699-1111   (F)309-699-1975   
2414 E. Washington - East Peoria, Illinois 61611
American General Finance
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 427-5920   (F)N/A   
807 W Camp St - East Peoria, Illinois 
Associated Investment Svc Incorporated
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 698-2265   (F)N/A   
300 E Washington St, #2 - East Peoria, Illinois 
Cash Store
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 698-1884   (F)N/A   
1020 W Camp St - East Peoria, Illinois 
South Side Trust & Savings Bnk
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 698-1432   (F)N/A   
118 Cole St - East Peoria, Illinois 


Creve Coeur Home Loans - Distance 1.4293 Miles
Emergency Loan Center
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 694-9321   (F)N/A   
629 S Main St - Creve Coeur, Illinois 
Peoria Home Loans - Distance 1.9565 Miles
Family Title Loans
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 279-5930   (F)N/A   
3118 N University St - Peoria, Illinois 
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 633-7000   (F)N/A   
5401 W Everett M Dirksen Pky - Peoria, Illinois 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - (4700 N Sterling Ave)
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 681-3012   (F)N/A   
4700 N Sterling Ave - Peoria, Illinois 
My First Home Mortgage.com
As a nationwide specialist, we can help almost anyone get the home fo their dreams. We can do it better,faster, and cheaper than most in the business.
Luke E. Brennan, Ii -   (P)773-983-1019   (F)815-338-1971   
N/A - Peoria, Illinois 60010
Associated Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 671-1700   (F)N/A   
125 Ne Jefferson Ave - Peoria, Illinois 
Busey Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 495-2880   (F)N/A   
405 N William Kumpf Blvd - Peoria, Illinois 
Bartonville Home Loans - Distance 3.9264 Miles
Better Banks
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 697-2100   (F)N/A   
1204 W Garfield Ave - Bartonville, Illinois 
Bartonville Community Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 697-6699   (F)N/A   
617 W Garfield Ave - Bartonville, Illinois 
Springfield Mortgage Svc Incorporated
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 693-7100   (F)N/A   
4505 Silvis Rd - Bartonville, Illinois 
South Side Trust & Savings Bnk
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 697-5551   (F)N/A   
1400 W Garfield Ave - Bartonville, Illinois 
Redbrand Credit Union
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 697-1447   (F)N/A   
820 Mckinley Ave - Bartonville, Illinois 
Better Banks
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 697-2100   (F)N/A   
5600 S Adams St - Bartonville, Illinois 
Peoria Heights Home Loans - Distance 5.6136 Miles
Heights Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 688-4475   (F)N/A   
4717 N Prospect Rd - Peoria Heights, Illinois 
Kouri Mortgage Incorporated
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 681-1220   (F)N/A   
3813 N Prospect Rd - Peoria Heights, Illinois 
Heritage Bank of Central IL
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 688-2711   (F)N/A   
4488 N Prospect Rd - Peoria Heights, Illinois 
Brimfield Bank
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 682-7200   (F)N/A   
4207 N Prospect Rd - Peoria Heights, Illinois 
Re/Max Unlimited
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 687-5045   (F)N/A   
1220 E Glen Ave - Peoria Heights, Illinois 
Morton Home Loans - Distance 7.3292 Miles
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 633-7120   (F)N/A   
825 Detroit Ave - Morton, Illinois 
Descripiton not available.
(P)(309) 263-8406   (F)N/A   
150 S Main St - Morton, Illinois 
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Important Links for East Peoria, Illinois
 Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers
 Illinois Mortgage Bankers Assoication
 Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate
 National Association of Mortgage Brokers
 Mortgage Bankers Association
Important Census Information for the East Peoria, Illinois Area
County: Tazewell   Elevation: 450 ft   Timezone: CST
Latittude: 40.66611   Longitude: -89.58
How many people live in East Peoria (Population)? 22,638
How many homes are in East Peoria (Housing Units)? 9,938
What is the Population Per Square Mile? 1,203
How many Housing Units Per Square Mile? 528
How big is East Peoria, IL(Total Area)? 21 Sq M
How much water is in East Peoria (Water Area)? 2 Sq M
How much land is in East Peoria (Land Area)? 19 Sq M
  **Informational Purposes Only - If you find incorrect information please contact us.

Mortgage Tip #6: Keep an Eye on Lender Fees

Lenders must give you a good-faith estimate of your home loan's cost when you first apply for it. However, some lenders might not include all fees they may charge which can add up quickly. Its a good idea to try and get a copy of your closing statement the day before you settle, thus giving you a chance to dispute any fees that you do not agree with.

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In addtion to your mortgage needs, if you need home insurance or auto insurance, we suggest InsLocal.com to locaate local insurance professionals. Visit here to find local agents that can provide you with East Peoria Auto Insurance or Home Insurance quotes.

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